wat uni is best for trials/muni?

hey everyone
i was wondering wat unicycle would be best for trials and muniing.
i dont want anything smaller than a 24 so thank you for ur comments

A nimbus ISIS 24" with KH moment cranks is your best, cheapest option.

i’d just say a kh24’’ muni, it’d work for trials well enough, if your not picky about the tire size, i’d say the kh20’’ is the most indistructable thing you can buy lol

but, if you really want something cheaper, i’ve got a nimbus 20 trial frame (powdercoat black) maxis creepy crawly tire, quax 10spline hub, trial/muni, i forgot the name of the hub exactly, kh yellow street/trial seat (things comfy for it being so hard, ive got like 4 kh/nimbus seats lol, their the same thing) and since the nimbus frame requires a larger seatpost, i took a pipecutter to the seatpost of my nimbus uni, and then cut the mounting bracket off my generic seatpost, and fit the generic inside the nimbus, welded it up, and had an awesome setup

p.s. udc screwed up my order a little on my cranks lol, they gave me the longer cranks to my hub, i ended up hitting the ground with my pedals trying to turn, i sent the other cranks in, and they gave me the new ones free of charge, it was pretty pwnt, but the cranks have a little trouble to fit on, it was the same hub/crank setup, just the cranks were a little small, after 2 hours of hammering with a malet, and letting the sun heat em up, it worked, w00t

how much would u sell for?

eh, not in the market to sell it really, if i did, i’d probably sell it for… 400? i might maybe, i do need some money

i think most people would agree that the best is a KH 24", but do you really need the best? and can you afford it? a nimbus ISIS with moments would be a very solid ride.

yea my budget is around 300

its a bit on the heavier side, but a good muni is the Torker DX.
Thats what i have and the weight really isnt that much different from a KH, and its not even a big deal unless you’re one of those people (who will probably give me crap about this post) who HAVE to have the worlds lightest uni

trust me i dont, i have a savage 24 incher thats a piece.
i might just get the nimbus since its lighter because i wanna do trials too.

If your wanting to do Muni get a KH24 or a KH29 if its more XC theres no doubt that that would be best. Or get a nimbus and upgrade the cranks to moments. You realy want the adjustable seat post and rail adapter and the fusion freeride saddle like on the KH it makes a big difference being able to change the position of your seat, mines so much more compfy after I played around with it. You say you want to do trials as well If so you will probably end up buying more than one uni.

Not lighter than a KH :slight_smile:

but a kh is so exp
i only get paid so much ya know

and yea i might buy a trials off of ebay or sumtin eventually but they go so slow and it takes forever to ride a somewhat long distance

In that case, if your muniing is not too steep (I mean very steep), then a 29 will be fine for you. It’s the perfect compromise for some muni and distance.

i like to do trials too
i want a hybrid muni/trials
there arent any mountains or anything around here and i have been to a mountain once in my life

Just putting a list together for you, something simple but like what your looking for sorta: links:


the rim is a 36 spoke, the hub is 48 im pretty sure, its the same one i have. Not same setup as me, because they dont sell some of the same things i have, but you might be able to find another thing. That should come to around like… $300 maybe 400, cheaper pricing, but it’d work

Why the hell do you want to get a muni then? Get a trials uni, if you are never going to ride muni and you want to ride trials it just seams stupid buying a muni. Get a nimbus 19" ISIS and put moment cranks on it.

ya know i might just get a trials
is the wuax xrossfire any good?