wat the hell

my unicycle cranks and pedals stripped and now i have to get new goddamn cranks and i was just starting to learn tricks and grind…

this SUCKS… why the HELL dont they put a left or right on the pedal so we dont strip the hell out of them???

ive done that before, learn from your mistakes i guess.
sorry to here.

they do.

Look on the end of the threaded part, there is a L and R.

if not (some pedals just have a big allen bolt on the end of the spindle) they mark them in other ways. pay attention and you won’t screw up your cranks.

Just be glad cotterless cranks come so cheap.

Its good you didnt ruin a 60-100 dollar crank.

i did rewen the cranks and i also rewened the pedals.

Ride your pogo stick?

Seriously, if you threaded the wrong pedal into the wrong crank, you need a crash course in nut and bolt technology.

well thats abit harsh… i nearly made that mistake… i guess i was like 11… but still… as someone said learn from your mistakes…

At least pogo sticks don’t have pedals or cranks to strip, right?

you can grind already? :astonished:
well I sopose if you can do them on a pogo stick it shoulent be too hard to ajust :roll_eyes:

i was learning…

i could only do it for like a inch or 2 on a flat ledge. i was trying to get farther and farther.

and no, pogo sticks dont have anything to thread, but plenty of things to break. but that doesnt matter, because the pogo companies dont suck and they stand by their products and send you new ones if something breaks.

plus im sponsored by motostik som theyll send me a new one on demand.

So you would prefer the company paying for your mistake? Doesn’t sound very fair to them.

All the pedals I have used the left one has a toothed bushing and the R one does not.

Its one thing if you break it from riding but you just put it together wrong and broke it. Pedals say what side they go on and so do the cranks so you can’t expect them to give you new ones…

Sponcored for compressing a spring? Wow, thats some skill there dude.

Plus, You had fine pedals and cranks, you were just a dumass and cranked the wrench down even though it was resisting.

before you go startiing something else (again… in i might add), he does some insane stuff on them pogos.

anyways, i 'gree with spencer.

They are labelled, and with a lot of pedals you can tell if they’re on right by the shape of the pedal.

sponsored for peddling a unicycle? wow.

(sarcastic) its the same exact thing. and havent you seen any videos? its extreme pogoing not just jumping up and down u dick

its alot more dangerous than unicycling, so id shut the hell up. (no offense to unicyclists, unicycling is one of my favorite sports)

Woah nice, that was so cool.

So basically, we all agree that while stuntpogoer may be good at extreme-pogoing (which he assures us is harder than unicycling), he still can’t put together pedals/cranks. Why are we still talking? More importantly, why am I still posting?