wat size cranks should i get for muni/trials

hey again,
i like muni and trials and ride 24’ wheels.
wat size cranks should i get?

150 or 165 depending on what muni you do, if it;s reasonably smoothe then 150s, if you do technical stuff then 165s

I disagree.

I ride 150s on my KH 24, and do really technical stuff, and the 150s give me lots of torque, and with technical stuff you usually want to hit it reasonably fast, so for me it’s 150s all the way.

Also, you get less pedal strikes with 150s.

My 2 cents…


Maybe so, but 165s are going to give even more torque.

i use whatever 5" cranks are, in case that helps, but i have stronger legs than most so im thinking of downgrading more

165 if you get extreme.

Just watch one of mornish’s vids to see what he can do with 150s. And if you don’t like what you see get 165s.

notice I’m really tired so sorry if this makes no sense.

Mornish, what you said is slightly misleading. You do not do fewer pedal strokes with 150s, your foot simply travels a shorter linear distance per pedal stroke. The only ways to change the number of pedal strokes required to ride a given distance are to:

a) get a bigger wheel
b) gear up your hub
c) hop
d) walk

None of the above work very well…

I ride 150s on my muni in California, and 145s on my muni here. These are my only unicycles, so I use them for trials and muni. I find 150s to be great for muni, although in certain conditions (read, extreme traction, especially during long, steep climbs), I wish I still had the old 170s. On the East Coast, I have yet to find a trail where I wanted 170s, but I haven’t ridden many trails out here.

For trials, 150s kinda suck. They really don’t give enough torque for most trials moves, and they are dramatically harder to get to rubber from a pedalgrab. I can get to rubber from a pedalgrab on a 19" wheel 100% of the time, in almost any conditions. On a 24x3 muni with 170s, that drops to about 75% of the time, and with 150s it drops to about 40% of the time. Practice does improve matters though…

Note, muni is still fun on 170s. I have been on a 24x3 muni with 170s for the past 3 California Muni Weekends, and could keep up with the lead group. If you want an all-around ride, 165s would be better. If you just dabble in trials, 150s are best. If you aren’t to the point where you are pedalgrabbing, get 150s. they’ll make you a better trials rider than most people on 19".

I disagree with the “165s=extreme” comments. It appears all the best technical/steep muni riders use 150s or the like. Ben Plotkin-Swing, Beau Hoover, Cody, etc all ride 150s. I personally ride the most technical lines I can find, and rode 170s for over 2 years. After getting used to 150s, I don’t have any more trouble with the downhill sections, and the reduced pedal strikes sure are sweet. If you are concerned about torque, get a brake.

i like to go backwards and ride one footed and wheel walk. and do drops and go down stairs. wat size cranks on a 24 x 3 uni would be good for that

excuse me if i am wrong:o …but i took it to mean that you hit yur pedals on the ground less w/ shorter cranks…b/c THAT is true

i wish i knew more about muni, or even had on to help you out, but i mainly ride trials so i cant…sorry:p :o

not being a very technical rider I use 145mm cranks on my 24x3 Muni.
I prefer those in almost all conditions except: very very technical spots, climbs (but I am not a good climber and in fact my climbing is worse with 170 -my spinning technique is bad-) and steep downhill (but in that case my brake helps me a lot).
I do not have a proper hub otherwise I think I will use dual 135/165 cranks since my riding is not full Muni but part XC.

Whoops. You’re right. Sorry Miles.

If you have shorter legs then it can be hard to ride longer cranks. But if your legs are long enough it’ll be easier to ride down technial terrain, as well as ride uphill.

So, unikid123, how tall are you?

W/ my 170’s I can ride much more of the terrain of my local trails (all pretty technical). If I used my 150’s I’d have to walk A LOT of it. It is hard to pedal smoothly w/ the 170’s, interestingly it’s SIGNIFICANTLY easier to pedal smoothly w/ 165’s. If I were to get 165’s or 170’s, now having ridden both, overal I preffer the 165’s. I still can ride more of the terrian w/ 170’s though.

When I can ride the easiest lines of all of my local trail sections downhill w/ 170’s, I’ll prob put the 150’s back on.

P.S. It’s pretty hard for me to ride SIF w/ the 170’s.