Washington to NAUCC???

Is anyone in Washington driving to NAUCC? and if you are, Do you have any room?!?!?! I NEED a ride. Can help pay gas and all that

Love to hear from you


some has got to be going

Well I have some talking and calculations to do, but if the drive iswhat happens, I would imagine we might be able to scoop you up.


You’re in Bremerton, right? If you guys end up going, could you swing by Seattle, too?


If you pay for my whole trip, sure… at this point naucc is a no go for us… grr… I would sell all the stuff I owned to go right now though.

Im flying but if you guys figured out how to get there i could let yuh crash on my floor for a cheap price :slight_smile:

so Space? are you still thinking about going?
I would consider paying for gas from spokane to madison if you were

How much of the gas?

And how cheap a price? I don’t mind floor crashing.

Just make it happen guys!

I’m going to go just for you Chris.

Fine Space, fine, just fine. You know, you know, fine, well, snfff, yeah, come on though, seriously, seriously. Just for Chris? Chris? Fine, you know how that makes me feel.

Well shaun it would be nice to see you there, that would be a plus… but I’m not even sure you ride anymore.

And just a heads up, I’m selling stuff so I can go… I need to be there this year.

I would be excited about you, but who knows if you even know how to ride the uni still shaun? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha aw man. I’m sure Shaun and Kelly are gonna be at the top of the game in no time if they keep up their current practice rate. And dude awesome!!! Be sweet to meet you.

There are really so many people I want to meet… its amazing who is going. I was excited to see that Chris was going, from so far away. Than of course kids like Eli, youngins I look up to… and than out of nowhere people like Shaun who vanished but seems to have been great enough to really grace us with presence, or even Kelly who didn’t disappear but slid into the background… all there… I can’t miss an opportunity to meet you all. I won’t…

what kind of car do you have?

And just so you know, i have made it 100% closer to being able to go, so have no fear, FmK is here.

Edit: Honda pos… maybe a civic.

and what are its chances of making the whole trip?

I would say very likely, it is a great car from my experience… but I’m waiting on word from the actual owner.