Washington State Unicycle Records Day!!

The Second almost annual Washington State Unicycle Records Day was a success.
113 riders registered. They participated in workshops with Kris Holm, Dan
Heaton, Andy Cotter, Connie Cotter, Dustin Kelm, Irene and Kay Genelin and John
Foss.(Thanks to all of you for being able to attend) The riders and spectators
were also treated to a fine display of riding and skills by the above guests.
Kay Genelin hosted a workshop for parents of competing riders. The riders went
to the track in the afternoon to run the following races: 100 meter, 400 meter,
800 meter and the 1600 meter. It seemed to be a good day for all. The sun even
came out. Many thanks to the Panther Pride Demo Team and Alan Tepper for hosting
this event. Barb K.