Washington man unicycling to collect gay marriage stories

An AP story in my paper today


Rides a unicycle to break the ice, huh? IC.

So how does he find same sex marriage couples riding on his unicycle, anyway?

Ah, that explains why I suddenly received so much misadressed e-mails with that topic.

I invited him to stay at my house as he is riding sort of past my area and I am gay.

Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten back to me.

Credit Raphael for turning me onto this story.

That’s really great you have the courage in today’s america to say that publicly. Brownie points to you!

Wait just a minute…why was this on your profile, then?

Because she is female.

Great story, thanks for posting. I have a good friend that learned to ride unis with me when we were kids and he’s gay. I’ll pass this on to him!


Ahhhh…so technically you’re lesbian?

Lars Clausen seems pretty cool for a preacher. :smiley:

His book “One Wheel Many Spokes” is a great read.
For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure: The book is about his journey ( along with his wife and kids in a support vehicle ) across America and back on a Coker.

Thanks, Roadkill,

I have heard of that book and didn’t make the connection here.

There is a connection between unicycling and philanthropy. Not certain why. I’m in a smallish rural town (26,000) and folks who are finding out that I ride are recruiting me to represent thier organization for the “Lentil Festival” parade.


[I]There is a connection between unicycling and philanthropy. Not certain why. I’m in a smallish rural town (26,000) and folks who are finding out that I ride are recruiting me to represent thier organization for the “Lentil Festival” parade. "

I know your town well, and been through it many times. You would probably have fun riding in the parade.

Hey, Paula. I’m glad you contacted him, but sorry he didn’t respond. You never know, he might just show up.


I’ve noticed quite a few WA state Unicyclists on this forum. Not in Pullman, though. Moscow, ID has more.

The parade is a hoot. If I’m in town I’l team up with the local clown “Slinky” and throw candy at (I mean to) the kids. Should be a blast. It’s be great to dress up my coker wheel like a big lentil.


Yes Tyler, I’m a 'bo.

I’m reading One Wheel Many Spokes right now and it’s great.

Raphael, I thought the timing would be perfect for me to host Lars as he started in Vermont last week and was planning on arriving in New York City today or tomorrow, I think. That should have brought him right by my house this week. And I know he visited Keith Cash in Schenectady again this trip (Schen is only about 25 miles from me.) Unfortunately, he’s probably already in NYC and I’m leaving tomorrow morning to visit my girlfriend’s family in Michigan.

Oh well, maybe his next trip across the country!

I suppose a publicity stunt like this is required in a country where gay marriage is still controversal, although the freedom of the individual isn’t questioned to the same extent when it concerns leathal weapons (read: firearms). Strange huh, allowing people to carry guns, but not marry someone they love just because that person happens to be of their own sex.

Did I step on anybody’s toes with the gun argument? I guess it can’t be avoided…

I met Lars on his One Wheel Many Spokes ride several years ago.
We made arrangements to meet In Toledo and ride together. It turned out to be the day that he broke the Guiness Record and I took the photo in his book where he is riding, arms stretched out, celebrating his reaching the mark.
It seemed the more that Lars rode, the more he went from Lutheran preacher to social advocate. By the time he reached the Statue of Liberty news stories about his ride In church publications no longer refered to him as Pastor Clausen. Not that I think the two are mutualy exclusive. But somewhere he seems to have crossed a line to where I just don’t feel comfortable supporting his activities any more.

Yeah I’d hate to be associated with someone that supports equal rights, and is using the visibility of a unicycle to promote them.

What make YOU think YOU will be associated with equal rights because ANOTHER unicyclist is using HIS unicycle for that?
Or a more real example: have you ever been even mentioned about the unicyclist a.k.a. pinkman?

I -for example- live in the 1st country in the world that allowed gay marriage. That also has a better laws on soft-drugs. I’m they archieved those rights. Now, would you consider me drugs abusing gay because of that?
And if so, I wonder; would you hate it if your unicycle was laying next to mine somewhere on some uni-meet?

Bytheway… I have’nt spot much opinion-seeding propaganda from Lars Clausen. Untill now I only know he’s collecting articles.

I don’t know if it came through but I was using sarcasm.