Washing KH Pulse and percussion

My gloves and armour are seriously stinky!

I read in a previous post that the leg armour can be hand washed with Baking soda and water. I’m not so sure about the gloves - They have leather and gel in them.

What would be a safe way to wash and de-stink them?

Many thanks

Some frebreese mabye lol. Idk, see what the tag says. Otherwise, use frebreese.

For leg armor, I use 661’s and just throw them in the washer and dryer. I don’t know if I should do that or not but it works for me. I don’t know about hte KH leg armor or gloves though.
DISCLAIMER: I didn’t tell you to throw either of them in the washer, I just said I did it. If you do any it messes them up, its not me thats responsible :wink:


i just put my percussion in the washer…

I have KH pulse gloves (the '07 grey ones) and 661 leg armor. I wash both in my washer and dryer without any problems. I don’t know if it matters, but I have a front loading high efficiency washer and dryer. So there’s no agitator in the washer to wreck the armor, and the dryer controls the temperature really well and shuts off as soon as the clothes are dry. I imagine that some really hot running dryers could possibly melt plastics on body armor.

I wouldn’t put any of this stuff in the dryer, but it usually comes out of the washer fairly dry anyway.

Once the fabric starts getting stinky, throwing it in the washer only helps for the beginning of the first ride; once it gets sweaty again, it will start to stink again. Before Moab I soaked all my stuff with Febreeze, and that has been doing surprisingly well at keeping it un-stinky. Wash it, Febreeze it, let it dry, smell it and Febreeze it again if there’s anything that still stinks. I used up almost a full bottle of Febreeze; the worst parts were the bending parts of the knee armor.

The KH Percussion ad in Uni magazine said that it was safe to wash them in a front loader and I think the gloves are made with synthetic material and not leather, so whatever that means to you. I had to set my gear outside this morning to air out the apartment, must be the weather.


The gloves and leg armor can be washed in cold water in a front-load washer. Warm water probably won’t kill them but cold is safest. Just do up all the velcro up before-hand.

The gloves are OK in a top-load washer- just do up the velcro. I’ve washed my leg armor in a top-load washer before, but it tends to wear out the velcro. Putting it inside the original mesh bag it came in will help this somewhat, but I’d recommend hand washing instead.

Air drying the gloves is recommended. For the leg armor, DON’T put it in a hot drier! The abrasion patch material will melt. Air drying is the best method.