Was I wicked in a previous life?

An ultimate wheel is a simple device: no frame, forks, seat, handlebars, brakes, gears or mudguards, just a wheel and two pedals. What could possibly go wrong?

So at the weekend, I was out on my UW and the pedal snapped off, ruining a spoke.

So I bought a new UW and today I got a puncture.

So, that is what could possibly go wrong.:frowning:

I walked for half an hour through horizontal rain and hail. It was sunny when I set off.

Nah, it’s just the PTB (powers that be) messin’ with ya, especially since you bought something new. I’m an avid amateur astronomer, and the fastest way to bring clouds and bad weather is to get a new telescope. Works every time!

Yes. And you’re wicked in this life as well.

I agree with it being the PTB. I Bought a snowmobile in October and we had the least amount of snow for a New England winter on record! I was thinking about buying all new rain gear so that we might get a great sunny summer!

Murphy’s law :wink:

It was windy yesterday, so I pulled out my Red Baron tri-plane kite and went to the park. When I got there the wind died. Hours later, it got windy again, went back to the park with my wife and the dog; the wind died again. I just can’t help but feel that I was the punchline to some kind of joke! :slight_smile: We always say the best way to kill the wind is to bring a kite, and it rarely lets me down!