Was He Ever Not Good?

see I got this old video footage of Kris Hom and from what it lloks like, he was awsome back then and even better now so i know people whant to see this footage so here it is and I hope you dont mind and if you do kris plaese pm me or something


Oh its at the bottom and it says old kris footage

He’s been unicycling for like 17-18 years or something like that.

That’s not old footage. I think that video would be from about 1999 or so. Old stuff would be from back when he was riding a Schwinn.

John “I’m not old” Childs

Kris Holm started riding in the late 1980s. MUni and trials did not catch on as an event common among unicyclists until the late 1990s. So there was a long time for Kris to learn on the north shore before anyone really took notice.

Yeah, that footage is not too old. That footage is more current than anything from UNiVERsE 1. Those look like shots from North Shore Extreme vol. 4.


“A long time ago” is relative to ones age. Does seem like old footage to me. But I’m one of the old farts.

Always fun to watch Kris ride… Even the “old footage.” :smiley:



He does the gaps like nothing, and look at the landings. :smiley: