Warwick Unicycle Races (UK) 16th September

A big wheel road race, loads of spectators, on closed city centre roads. Last year’s 5 km was fantastic, this year it’s 10km for double the fun. It’s an incredibly tight twisty 1km course, that makes for some really fun overtaking and really tests your road riding skills as well as pure speed.

Last year, we had something like 15 of the fastest riders in the UK in the big wheel race, and tons of people having a go in the fun race, and it was really cool, with some really competitive riding. So everyone should come.


Details from John (the organiser) below:-

Entries are now open for this years Unicycle Races at Warwick, on Sunday
16th September.

The “Big Wheel” event this year is planned to be the final “open entry”
event before the professionals Bicycle race. This means we have a prime
spot for the race, with loads of spectators.

This race should start around 4:00pm and this year is 10 kilometers, that is
10 laps of the Warwick town centre.

The “Fun” unicycle event will be starting earlier at 11:30 in the morning,
and will again be 2 laps of the course, suitable for all shapes and sizes,
and the whackier the better !!! This gives time for the “Big Wheel” entrants
to recover before “going for it” later on.

In between we will have Unicycle Games, Juggling, and Hula Hooping, so come
and join in the fun !!!

Please check out www.uniquest.co.uk for full details, and for an entry form.

Please also help us spread the word around the unicycle community, so if you
subscribe to any unicycle forums, or other unicycle groups please let
everyone know that this event is growing. This is the second year Warwick
have allowed us to organise Unicycle races, and it looks as though this will
continue to be an annual event.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,