Warwick Unicycle Races September 5th 2010

I’ve been wondering about whether the Warwick races were going to be on again this year for a while, finally got round to having a look today and there are slots for uni races on the event timetable, but no registration fees like the other races have (http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/Web/corporate/pages.nsf/links/117A47A6F94EEC9C80256E550055E374), not sure if this means they haven’t been officially organised yet or what.

Is anyone else thinking of racing this year? Last year’s big wheel race was very low-key with only 7 riders, and only 2 on 36ers, it would be really good if we could get more people involved this year. I had mentioned sorting out another ride on the Saturday so that it would be more worth the trip for people who don’t live nearby, but I’m probably going to be camping elsewhere on the Saturday now so won’t be able to.

I’ll try to contact John who has organised the races before, and see what is happening.

From the other thread:

Sooo looks like it is on, but if we don’t get enough riders it might be the last one :frowning: I suppose it’s fair enough though, the first three years were quite well attended but last year there was only a few people who actually went with the intention of racing in the big wheel race, and they could probably replace it with a bike race with a much larger number of participants if they wanted to.

So if anyone is in the slightest bit interested then come along, it’s only a 25-minute ride, you get loads of good comments from the spectators (who mostly probably can’t even tell how good anyone is, they are just impressed to see racing on big wheel unicycles), and above all it’s fun!