Warwick Unicycle Races, 16th September

Hey guys, i just received an email about the unicycle races which will be running again in Warwick this year. Last year was a brilliant day and i got a funky trophy to boot, so I highly reccomend it. They have made the changes we reccomended last year, of making the ‘big wheel’ race 10km and spacing the two races apart so people can enter both without being exhausted. For those interested I’ve copied the email below.

Entries are now open for this years Unicycle Races at Warwick, on Sunday
16th September.

The “Big Wheel” event this year is planned to be the final “open entry”
event before the professionals Bicycle race. This means we have a prime
spot for the race, with loads of spectators.

This race should start around 4:00pm and this year is 10 kilometers, that is
10 laps of the Warwick town centre.

The “Fun” unicycle event will be starting earlier at 11:30 in the morning,
and will again be 2 laps of the course, suitable for all shapes and sizes,
and the whackier the better !!! This gives time for the “Big Wheel” entrants
to recover before “going for it” later on.

In between we will have Unicycle Games, Juggling, and Hula Hooping, so come
and join in the fun !!!

Please check out www.uniquest.co.uk for full details, and for an entry form.

Please also help us spread the word around the unicycle community, so if you
subscribe to any unicycle forums, or other unicycle groups please let
everyone know that this event is growing. This is the second year Warwick
have allowed us to organise Unicycle races, and it looks as though this will
continue to be an annual event.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

John Parnell

I’m definitely going to be up for this, I wanted to do it last year but didn’t have a Coker.

Sooo one week to go and all the threads about this event have sunk without trace! Is anyone actually going to be there?

I was planning on going, however, I’ve just looked at the entry form, and I’m not sure if I will qualify.

I guess this is the physical size of wheel, but hope that the effective size of a Schlumpf in high gear of 43 inches will count. I no longer have a 36" wheel, but would love to go. Does anyone know how the ruling will go on this?


I saw that too, I’m pretty sure it must mean that 29ers are ok because that is the next size down from 36" commercially available. Schlumpfs should definitely be allowed!

What is the actual diameter of a Big Apple anyway?

Well, I took that as meaning that 29" wheels were excluded, otherwise saying “above 30” seems a bit odd. But it would be nice if there was something to say that gunis were allowed.

pretty much exactly 29" (for both widths of it)


I just checked the post in News and Announcements, it actually says “The “Big Wheel” event is only really suitable for 36 inch wheels, but, if you think you are up to it we will allow 30 inch entries.”. That’s got to mean 29ers hasn’t it, since there is no such thing a a 30"!

I reckon you should PM or email the organisers, or just turn up and ride! It doesn’t look like they’re going to be snowed under with entries at this rate anyway.

DA - Read the entry form, I think they need to be posted this week.

As a 29er Slumpf has an effective wheel size > 36" it should be OK, unless the rules state direct drive only?

Well, as the link on http://www.uniquest.co.uk/ seems to be broken, I’ll have to email the organisers to make sure.

I know the Schlumpf should be competitive, but if the Big Wheel race is organised more for spectators, then a 29" wheel just doesn’t look that impressive.


At the last minute as ever, I’ve remembered about this - just asked for an entry form.

Hopefully I’ll be there then. The webpage says that Roger plans to go again, so I’ll try not to fall off, and give the Old Master a good race this time. :slight_smile:


The link didn’t work in Firefox, another browser did work.

i emailed the organiser last night about the guni issue, and he replied saying;

so it looks like there’ll be a couple of monkeys there at least :slight_smile:


Right, im going to be there on the 36, anyone needs putting up before or after the event i can accomodate as i live only a few miles away. I certainly won’t be running near the front but if you wave as you lap me that would be nice.

Right, my entry is in the post. Me? Cutting it fine? Naaah. See you all there. Once I work out how to get to Warwick.

that’s the easy bit. all you need to do is email me and let me know what time you want picking up :slight_smile:


A great day had by all I think, with some tight racing. For those following this thread who weren’t there Roger held off Sam for a victory, with John Himsworth coming in third. I’ve got 74 photos and a few videos so once I’ve put them up somewhere I will let you all know. Thanks for all turning up and making it an exciting race.

OK I’ve put all the photos and video on my facebook. Feel free to add me. I can try and get them on somewhere more easily accesible if anyone has any suggestions. The gallery on here takes an incredibly long time to load large numbers of photos.

Well in this case, uploading 60 photos takes less than 15 seconds of my time, compared to 6 photos taking a few minutes on the gallery.

Final Results

Yeah, it was a great day. The fun race this morning was… well… fun! I came in second or third from last, despite having twice as many wheels as most of the others, but it was still a good ride.

The results for the Big Wheel race were as follows;
1 Roger
2 Sam
3 John
4 Liam
5 Spencer
6 Dave
7 Connie
8 Keith
9 Robin

And, as for facebook, well, I’m sorry, but I’m with GK on that one. I don’t have a facebook account, and hopefully never will. I think you can make your gallery (or an album) public, but I can understand the privacy reasons behind not doing that. Personally I like to host my photos on my own website (which is very cheap and easy to maintain), but if you have a gmail account and Picassa installed, then that’s quick, easy and free to get them loaded up.


That’s all good, it was just the quickest and easiest way for me to get them up tonight, i will sort out something more accessible in due course. Of course all the sites suggested require me to sign up, but i guess there’s one of me and a lot of you.