Warren Heath RR

“Sarah Miller” <sarah@vimes.u-net.com> wrote in message
> Seeking further delights we headed for another bit of the woods and
> after taking a dead end trial down “porridge hill” found ourselves at
> the edge of “the blasted heath” an area of clear cut and decided to ride
> around it. BAD move , it started out fine not too hard or too dull. Then
> we ran into a wet patch and foolishly decided to press on, finding
> beyond the bog a lovely bit of gently decayed single track .Once
> someones pride and joy with North Shore style bridges over streamlets
> and grand old Beech tress to duck under, now it was overgrown and the
> bridges were just a pair of birch poles with nails in spanning murky
> pools of unknowable depths.
> We still pressed on, expecting to come upon the other end of this trail
> soon. No such luck, we met an impenetrable bog, hidden among young trees
> starting to re-colonise the clear cut. Great, now we both had wet feet
> and couldn’t see very far through the brush wood. Our only option (
> aside from retracing our footsteps for over a mile was to head up the
> hill and hope it got dryer, but the hill was COVERED in dense bracken
> and clear cut brash. We took the hill and slogged through a 500yrd uni
> push with bracken trying to trip us up every inch of the way.

Oh dear. That doesn’t sound nice.

I got wet feet a couple of times, but then I bought myself some lovely new
socks, “Porelle Drys” which keep my feet warm and toasty and dry.

They’ve so far been tested on a big watersplash at Coed y Brenin which was
well over my pedals and also riding through lots of the puddles on the
south downs way which were rather big too. I came back covered in mud but
still had dry feet.

http://www.wiggle.co.uk has them going ‘cheap’ for 14 pounds at the