Warrandyte (australia) Parade!!

hey, this thread is aimed at riders in melbourne who would be interested in riding in the warrandyte parade!!

The main person who asked about it (how i found out) was in the unicycling news, but she isnt posting nething back in the thead, so i thought i would tell u !!

If u r interested tell this lady karin@allaboutface.com.au her name is Karin, and she is pretty much in charge of it!!

this is what she wrote in the email to me!!

[I]The parade kicks off the weekend festival beside the Yarra bank.

It is held on 8th April this year down the main street parallel to the river. From 10.15am, we will be given a meeting time which will probably be around 9.30.

For those participating I will give final where and when closer to the day when they give the details.

If you are participating we need this form signed to keep the festival insurers happy (a formality courtesy of post Sept 11 insurance requirements - in case someone in the crowd gets run over by a crazy unicyclist – or if one of the floats traveling at snails pace mows you down). Let me know ASAP if you plan to join in as I need to know names and numbers ASAP for the organizers., so far I have Aubin, Eden, max, Roz, alexia, Nic and Barry and Audrey may have a few going?[/I]