Thats right! lol

great! :slight_smile:

If you want to make a killer vid; try syncing it with the music and don’t make it last too long :wink:

Hey thanks :smiley: I’ll work on that. and what would be a good length video? 3 mins? 5 mins?

Ive watched 20-40min long uni videos that kept me entertained the whole way through.

In general though, 3-5 mins is a good length.

For a good video though, that is long, edit and film to music. Pick the music before, and and you can visualize how the trick/line should be filmed and edited to match that part of the song. Try to get transitions and important parts (landings, take off, etc…) to go with the beat.

Keep it diverse, if your gonna show the same trick a few times, make sure you use different creative lines, showing the full body of the trick, shots showing the technicality of the trick, slowed down a little to make it easy to see, and dont also use the same location to do a trick, find other places and ledges to film that same trick on.

Those are just some small tips you can sue for your next video.

One thing I also do now, is to film a few seconds before the trick, and a few after the trick is landed, that way you capture everything on film. Ive had times where I do a line, and the person recording stops, but I keep going, and pull off some smooth tricks or another line, and then realize he didnt film that chunk.

Nice video, I recommend you wear a helmet though.

Thnaks, I will save up for one, after i buy a new kh seat! :smiley:

Am I novice or Expert?