My new video is here. I deo believe that it is my best :smiley: please let me know what you think so i can improve my videos for the future.
Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjpotncb4ss:smiley:

nice video man.

i loved it.
keep up the good work!!

Wear a helmet and cut all the bouncing. Besides that what the hell are they feeding you Australians down there.

Definitely your best so far. Looked like you reall hurt the ‘boys’ there on that one handrail haha…

Oh yea…and you should definitely wear a helmet.

Nice video! I liked the variety and the “Stacks” segment! Why no helmet or shin guards?? :astonished: Thanks for the great video!

Awesome video kevin. helmets are for squares haha jokes. I wear one sometimes. Only when I’m doing big stuff though. But small stuff and trials I dont wear one. Loved the video. would have been awesome had you landed that handrail.
Work on the less hop and you’ll be set. Great work.

Thanks for the feed back, I’ll work on my bouncing lol and maybe buy a helmet. :smiley:

That was really good riding. But the music was Horrible. Sorry

what the heck, why are mad you spaz.

nice video funny but hard falls hehe:p


Aside from being too long IMO, it had everything a good vid needs, esp diff. camera angles, many diff. locations and varying terain.

the first trick

what is the first trick is looks nice

really entertaining… thanks


hahaha… thats right and we eat lots of Weet-bix… how many do you eat?

5 lol

I liked the vid, but I still have one question, what’s the warning for?

Looks cool, and I couldn’t think of a name lol

Don’t forget lamb and shrimp on the barbie. We eat lots of that here in Oz.
VeGeTaRiAn 4 LyF!