Warning to Riders:

This is mostly common sense, but do not leave a freestyle uni in the back of your car in the summer. The wheel will explode, then you have nothing to ride.

did you figure this out the hard way

Yes but it was on a day it was only 85ish, as opposed to the weeks it was 100+

Yeah, this happened to me with my first uni, after a week of the original purchase.

I was just riding it pumped to about 50ish psi, and it was a hot summer day, and I was just cruising around for hours, then, BAM!!! tire blew up.

Luckily, i was still in the warranty so I got a free tube and tire, and installation.

That’s weird, my tire hasn’t exploded, and I live in a tropical zone where the low is…about 78, on a rainy day (we get no snow here) and I leave it out all the time! Weird…

But in-car temperatures, especially in a dark coloured car, can get much more extreme than that, especially on a windless sunny day around lunchtime.



that happened to all these bikes a school during the end of sumer. about 5 or 6 tyres blew and so they all had to push their bikes home.

that would suck

I guess I better let some air out of my lx… I keep it in my trunk all the time.

Thanks for the warning.

haha yeah that was so friggen funny. after school everybody was at the bike racks and all these kids tyres were flat they were so pissed it was hilarious. it was weird, but it was also stinking hot