Warming up before the ride

Do you do any exercises for warming up before the ride (gymnastic or streching)? How long and what do you do? Does or did anyone ever had problems with his back (backbone) because of unicycling? :slight_smile:

I do some streching and gymnastic exercises before the ride only about 5 or 10min for my back and for my legs. But i never run before riding.:slight_smile:

Hmm, I never do but I usually have to ride to where I’m going to ‘ride’ anyways. Does that count?

Try the Sun salutation


As much as I probably should, I don’t do any stretches etc before a ride. I do take it easy though at the start of any riding session and warm up that way before trying anything. I’ve usually been doing a bunch of moving around stuff before riding anyway so hardly ever start off ‘cold’.

A few weeks ago we were saying goodnight to our kids and my wife decided to do a pretend kickup mount (she doesn’t uni at all) as she’d been watching me practice them that afternoon. So she jumps up in the air in the bedroom, doing some weird things with her legs, her interpretation of a kickup mount, and on landing starts to roll around on the floor. The kids and I thought she was laughing, turns out she was wailing as she’d torn some ligaments in her leg. Being a dance teacher she was kinda well… not happy.

For peace on earth maybe better she sticks to dancing :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, i don’t need anything for myself :smiley: I just want to know if you do anything for warming up. Besides that, I actually wrote this threat to see if any1 else have/or had any problems with his back (backbone) because of unicycling. It’s the question for all riders (street, flatland, trials, muni, freestyle etc.).

lunicycle, ouchh… How long is she gonna be out :astonished: i feel sorry for her ( i know how is it to be unable to do what you like, i had problems with my backbone for 10 months and i couldn’t do unicycling- it sux)
4umfreak, yeah it counts a pretty much :stuck_out_tongue: