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i was wondering if any of you do any warm up activities before you go out on a big MUni ride or something. I’m doing a project for gym class, so i have to write about some warm-ups that would help in mountain unicycling. Any ideas would be very helpfull.

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Good lef stretching would be helpful

See this thread: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22016

I’f I’m gonna be riding for a while, this is what i do:

Don’t strectch at the beginning (sold muscles can be injurned by all of a sudden streching them)

I ride easily for about 10 minutes…then get off, and get a nice strech in.

Sometimes, maybe an hour into it, I’ll give myself a break/strecth again, and it works wonders for lengthening out the ride.

I don’t strecth afterwards (unless I am super sore, and feel the need to)

Just what I do.
I researched the topic of “warming up” recently. You know that many folks propose a whole variety of approaches. The only solid evidence is for some gentle exercise(s) to slowly increase muscle temperature. Data on other techniques (i.e. stretching) were not too convincing (to me, that is).
So what you are doing, Sofa, is exactly what’s well founded. All the other stuff may be helpful (subjectively, or in some individuals even objectively - remember we are all different), but that is hard to prove.

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After HARSH running in soccer every day, we are told to stretch, because our muscles will freeze up and turn to jello.
Or something like that

You don’t NEED to strectch after wards (although it does feel good)

You just don’t want to go from high activity, to nothing. Then you’re muscles will lock up

Sofa - thinking of a time when he did a major leg workout (heavy squats, in particular) then got in the car for a 2 hour drive, and was in horrible pain trying to get out of ‘driving position’ while walking around :frowning:

The Brett Bymaster MUni warmup:
Get out of car. Put on gear. Lock car. Ride up closest steep hill, such as “the mountain” if you’re at Northstar Tahoe. Not recommended for normal people, especially if you’re not in shape.

My old track racing warmup, when I lived in Livonia, Michigan:
Ride one mile to local track (Clarenceville High School). Along the way, do slalom through support poles at Livonia Mall. Then do balancing on landscaping borders in front of Sears. Upon arrival at track, since your muscles are warmed up, stretch calves, quads, and hamstrings. Hold each stretch for about 30 sec. on each side, and do the whole thing twice.

Then ride 4 laps as fast as you can, timed. Four and a half minutes is good. After this, don’t stop. Do one or more cool-down laps, to get your breath back. It’s important to stay on the unicycle; this will make a huge difference for riding skill and accuracy (not falling off) when you’re tired.

Then do one lap each: right foot only, left foot only, backwards. If you’re a masochist, divide one lap into four parts and do 100 meters each of seat in front, seat in back, wheel walking, and backward one foot. Yes, Mark Schaefer and I actually used to do this.

After all that, you’re ready to practice the races you went there to train for. You already did the mile/1500/800, unless you want to do it some more.

Though I haven’t done that exact workout since the year I moved away from Michigan ('84), the techniques it taught me seem to have stuck with me. I highly recommend it. Replace local mall and on-the-way obstacles with whatever you have on the way to your track.

Back to MUni, and “normal” people, I recommend starting with some easy riding. In many cases you have to do this anyway to get to the interesting part of your trail, so it works out. After 10-15 minutes, stopping to stretch is good. I firmly believe that stretching makes you perform better, and also protects you from injuries. But I don’t have anything beyond that. Never do stretches on cold muscles.

After suffering through a brief bout of Iliotibial Band Syndrome (a.k.a. cyclists knee, runners knee and unicyclists knee) I can say that stretching before big rides is very important before and during long hard rides. You should be stretching for the same reasons that runners and cyclists stretch. Stretching helps prevent injury to tendons and joints. Stretching also gets the muscles ready to work hard.

I stretch before riding, especially before long Coker rides, long muni rides, and trials rides. Not stretching is just asking for trouble and an irritated Iliotibial Band. An irritated Iliotibial Band is painful and makes it painful to ride a unicycle and do things like walk up or down stairs. Do a web search on Iliotibial Band Syndrome for more info.

isn’t saying ‘u shouldn’t do stretches on cold muscles’ a bit like saying ‘u shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach?’

Re: warm-ups

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:36:49 -0600, ekimstorm
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>i was wondering if any of you do any warm up activities before you go
>out on a big MUni ride or something.

My MUni area is some minutes of easy riding from my home. Surfaced
walk/cycle paths but I often take a ‘longcut’ (opposite of a shortcut)
through grass and such to increase warm up. The way back serves as
cooldown, usually no longcuts for being too tired.

However, in my younger years I did a lot of running and then I never
did any sort of warm-up or cool-down. Just went for it and never had
any problem.

Klaas Bil

Everyone has a unique tongue print.

Well, it is like saying’ “Don’t cram a KFC Megameal down the throat a starving man wandering the desert”

hang on
when i talk about stretching i mean the stuff u do as a warm up
not ‘i wanna be a contortionist’ kinda stretching

besides, “Don’t cram a KFC Megameal down the throat a starving man wandering the desert”…
why not?
surely he’s warmed up sufficiently?