Warm greetings from South Korea!

What’s your name? My name is Yoon Jae Lee.

Where do you come from? From South Korea.

What is your experience of unicycling?

It’s been 9 months since I started unicycling, and now I’m completely absorbed in or perhaps addicted to it. Especially I love muni riding so much as there are always new challenges in my way.

I feel the world transforms into a play ground when I get on a unicycle. I never thought I could be into something this serious after becoming an adult. Now unicycling is huge part of my life, inseparable. Match made in heaven :slight_smile:

To have close interaction in this community, I’d like to share my youtube channel link with you guys! I upload my practice videos daily. I’d appreciate it if you could give me advice or tips after viewing some videos in my channel to improve my riding. (For your information, muni riding is almost never known in my country yet.)



I’m seriously impressed with (and jealous of!) your unicycling abilities if you’ve only been riding 9 months. I started nearly 5 years ago and I’m nowhere near your level. I would love to be that good some day but can’t really see it happening. Did you do some similar sport before?
I love the way you do jumps and stairs etc on the 36" (terrifying!) - did you learn on a smaller / trials wheel first and then just try it on the big wheel?

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Welcome to the forum! I visit family in Incheon when I get the chance and always try to find a way to ride or meet up with some riders out there when I go. The riders I’ve met there are always very welcoming. You would have enjoyed the Unicon there.

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Thanks for your warm welcoming. To be exact, I started unicycling on the 13th of June, 2022 and since then I’ve been practicing literally every single morning and night.

First, I started on a 20 trials and moved up to a 24 standard. After learning basic tricks on 24, I began 24 muni. 36’s case, I think I got the hang of it naturally probably while practicing on a 24 standard and muni. Still a lot to learn and practice ,though.

As to your question about if I’ve ever done any sports like unicycling, my answer is yes. I’ve been skateboarding quite a while and I see a lot of similarities between these two sports!


Hi, thanks for your warm welcoming. Back then, I had no idea that I would start unicycling in my life. If I had been unicycling when Unicon was held in Korea, I must have enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum and the addiction of muni.

Impressive rolling on the 36". :+1:

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Welcome, Yoon Jae Lee!

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I’ll be in Seoul from May 9th to the 20th. If you have time and an extra unicycle, let’s ride together. Let me know. 제가 5월 9일부터 20일까지 서울에서 묵을 거에요. 시간 계시며 여번 외바퀴 가지고 계시면 같이 타래요? 알려주세요… Steve :grinning::+1:


You started nearly 4 years after me but you’ve done waaay more practice - that’s great dedication! I began on small roads and paths with a 24", but have been a very slow learner, partly because I don’t get much riding time. I then started using a 26" and later a 36". But I only really go forwards! Recently I’ve using a 20" wheel because we had a puppy who needed to go slower (my one ‘trick’ is riding with a dog on a lead ahead of me), but now she’s older and faster I’m back on the 24 or 26 again. But with a dog who stops unexpectedly it would be really helpful to know how to idle and hop, so I keep meaning to learn. Anyway, thank you for inspiring me to keep learning new stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the Forum. I see your YouTube Channel, it’s great but your failture sound on the Muni…It’s the brake or some losse spokes? I don’t know it but the sound ring not so good on a Muni. When I ride my Munis then there siliece. but very nice that your ride the uni in South Korea.

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Felgenbremse is right, something isn’t right.
I hear the brake squawk (could be ignored) separate from the “stress under load” clicking (must be dealt with).

I’ll guess cranks that need to be pulled, greased, and re-tightened first.
Tired pedals would be my next guess.

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Oh, sounds great! Let’s do it! What type of unicycle do you mainly ride? Do you do Muni too?

Oh, thanks for your advice. I’ll get all checked up before my next ride. Appreciate it!

Thanks! I’ll try to get to the bottom of the squeaking sound to get it fixed. I was ignoring the sound as it had been like that ever since I got my hands on the muni.

Thanks for your encouraging comment. It motivates me to keep pushing myself. I like your lovely story that you are moving up in uni size as your puppy grows and want to learn idling to keep up with your puppy. It must be a special scene for your neighbors. If you have any pictures of you riding with your puppy on leash held by you, please share with me :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve not had anyone with me to take photos (although apparently we’ve appeared on TikTok thanks to the local kids!), but I’ve taken a 360 camera on a selfie stick a couple of times. Here’s a still with me on my 24" - we were riding a track through some woods which passed an abandoned factory.


Lovely! It’s like the best of both worlds: Enjoying unicycling & Walking your puppy!

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Absolutely! I’ve been unicycling nearly every day since we started doing this, when before that I had to wait until I had some spare time. And it’s nice that it makes (most) people smile :slight_smile:

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