Warehouse Flat- Rob Campbell

Threw some clips together, didnt really get as much filming as I would have liked, rainy season has really taken over here. But, here it is anyway.

Comments appreciated.

edit: somehow missed the almost 2 minutes of empty video there somehow, sorry.

Nice job dude, your flat is getting heaps better. Hick semiflips look really weird, I bet you’ll get them all the way soon. :slight_smile: Oh 450s were sick as well. Keep making videos!

Very nice vid rob, my fav has to be the 270 down to “seat drop” haha. i know u didnt mean to do that but looked sick. we gotta start riding together again as soon as i get my seat fixed.

i like it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciated.

Hehe, I liked the 270 seat drop :stuck_out_tongue: It looks like you’ve got a great practice area!

Oh and the music was very fitting. Good stuff!

Liked the clean 360side, nice video!