War Crys

OK so i want to know if anyone else lets out a war cry when they land a trick or combo they have been trying for a really long time. or maybe i’m the only one… If any one else does, did you catch it on video?

I let out an intimidating warcry when I see someone riding nearby on a bicycle or skateboard.

I hear Forrest R has the best war cry.

Heres mine:


I hear Forrest R has the best war cry.

Heres mine:

Yea me and My buddy rob (SpaceFmk) ride together a lot and we can help but remark when passing skaters bikers and ecpecially Rollerbladers. how many wheels can you have?

unicycledood, that probubly beats any of my victory screams. i forgot about that video.

when riding Muni and feeling just good while needing energy to overcome a more difficult passage I start yelling mountain shouts like “irrintzina”.
in french : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irrintzina
no entry in english sorry …

Forrest Rackard’s is crazy:


I think that those are cheers from other people-- it’s just hard to differentiate voices when you listen to them in slow motion.

Lol I think Julia witnessed this in person. I did :stuck_out_tongue: Kinda scary.

I don’t know why I have the cool guy as the title. I didn’t try to do that.

I guess I’ll never get to hear it:(
(Unless he’s the guy that sounds like he’s dying? :p)

In any case, that was a really clean 9 spin.

Yup, in person. :stuck_out_tongue: I was scared.

Bad habit. In competition, you get punished for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Yeah, but here you just get punished for spelling.

You have to do thirty push-ups for the the title. :roll_eyes:


heres a funny one from a few years ago. then my sisters like whhhhaaaat…?/?

Me and rob were talking about this today. Your 10 side had a pretty epic war cry after.

Personally this one is the best ive heard on camera

The first time Colby landed one handed triples he let out a war cry before he did it and that one was unforgettable hahaha

When riding muni and I make it up a challenging climb I often let out a good “YEEEAH!” with an in-your-face intonation.

I sometimes do some groaning and mutter expletives if there is a significant section of a climb, especially if I’m outputting my last ounce of effort.

Some hills flatten a bit if you yell at them. Others get steeper. I think it depends on their soil type.

Let me see your war face!


While the 1080side did have a pretty decent war cry after, my personal favorite had to be after the 1080. I was totally caught off guard because it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s at the very end of that…

those are pretty good… I just happen to let a pretty good F*$(# YA!!!