wanting trials course ideas.

Can someone post some pictures of there trials courses? I can get pallets and 2x4s, and lots of logs. can someone help me with some ideas. I can post some pictures of what I am working with when I get home.

I would say just play around with what is in your ability level. I have all sorts of things, but it is constantly changing based on my ability level.

I am a biggener- intermediate

Maybe i’ll send you some pics.

please do! I usuly ride alot of natural but what I have is getting old.

Just get as many pallets, logs, rocks, scaffolding poles and general ‘stuff’ as you can get your hands on and build things. Its the most fun way to ride.


any ideas?

that video edd posted was full of ideas!

you don’t have to do all your research on here. there are otherr websites too. just gotta look around.

check it out.




Sweet! Saturday I am takin bike and trials uni and looking for natural lines

sweet, that last one is my local. it’s pretty awesome.

…but none of the pics work anymore:(

Dane made a similar thread a while ago.
And there’s my thread on the forumies courses.