Wanting to get into trials, which bike to get?

After riding for only a few days I can already tell that I want to get into trials riding. My Torker really sucks for it. When I’m hopping around on something, the 1.75" tire doesn’t grip well at all, and if I’m dropping more than a foot, the landing is jarring to say the least. Which would be less expensive, to build a trials bike or get a complete one from unicycle.com? I’m thinking about the United 20" Trials cycle for $240. Is this good bike? Is it pretty strong? I’d appreciate any input on a decent trials uni for someone with a limited budget, since I’m pretty clueless about what’s good and what’s not. Thanks!

It may be more expensive, but from what it sounds like, your going to need a splined hub pretty fast. If your into trials, it is a must. Cotterless cranks just werent made for big drops and such.
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I have the United 20" Trials uni from Uni.com. I love the thing. I have had it for arround 5 months now and it has treated me well. The only problem I have had is about a month ago I did a 4 foot drop and shattered one of the crank arms. I think I’m about due for an upgrade already to a stronger Hub/ Crankset. I’m probably going to try and Splined hub from either Norco (Kris Holms Cycles) or Onza and then rebiuld my wheel with it.

I would say for the price this is the best trials uni on the market. But if you plan on going big you are going to break it. The Hub and Cranks are the only real weak part. (pedals are fine for a while but are plastic and you will wear them out). In my opinion if your going to do stuff thats under 3 foot drops and no more than get it its like $230 shipped to you. You cant loose.

However if you are going to go big then you are going to want to shell out the little bit of extra cash and get a uni with a splined hub. The Summit Trials Uni, Onza, and Kris Holms are gonna be your best bet in this front. $320-400 US

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Re: Wanting to get into trials, which bike to get?

The weak parts of a trials uni are the hub and cranks. A standard hub and standard crank will not hold up to serious trials use. Eventually the cranks will bend and the hub will break.

The splined hubs are stronger and are the best option for anyone planning to do serious trials involving drops, jumps and such. Fortunately the splined hubs just got a lot cheaper in the last few months. It used to be that the Profile setup at about $300 for the hub and cranks was the only option. Now the Onza and Kris Holm Norco trials unicycles are (almost) available and their splined hub options are less expensive. A complete trials unicycle with a Profile hub is about $600 and up. An Onza or Kris Holm trials unicycle with the alternative splined hubs are $400 and less.

The Kris Holm uni will be available after December 10th

The Onza is available now

I’d hold out and wait for the Kris Holm. The frame is better and will be better for tire scuffing, wheel walking, and gliding skills. With your flatland background you’ll probably be doing the tire scuffing stuff very soon.

If $400 is too much for a uni then something like the United trials uni for $239 would work but you’ll be paying later with bent cranks and possibly a broken hub.

The trials tires are soft and will wear quickly if you do a lot of street riding and aggressive turning. Just something to keep in mind so you remember to keep a little bit of money saved up for new tires.

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Re: Wanting to get into trials, which bike to get?

On Sun, 17 Nov 2002 18:00:20 -0600, Stillwater
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>I’m thinking about the United 20" Trials cycle
>for $240. Is this good bike?

A bike (aka bicycle) is a contraption with bi (two) wheels, whereas a
unicycle has uni (one) wheel. Please don’t call a unicycle a bike.

While “bike” is considered by some (not all, hi Sofa) as an off-limits
word on this group (even when used correctly), I think that you as
experienced flatlander are exempt from that.

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Give him a fucking break guys. Call it whatever you want he’s still talking about the same thing. Uni or Bike you know he’s talking about something with one wheel. So how about staying away from the easy critisism and just give him some advice.

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Re: Re: Wanting to get into trials, which bike to get?

Actually the United wouldn’t be a good choice for you. The United has a rounded crown which makes one foot skills more difficult. With a round crown it is difficult to put one foot up on the crown for example when doing a one foot idle (one foot on the crown and the other on the pedal). Frames with a flat crown are what you want for one foot skills like one foot idle, one foot wheel walk, etc.

So instead of the United a trials uni based on the Yuni frame would be better if you’re trying to keep the cost down. The Yuni has a (sort of) flat crown that works well for one foot stuff.

And everybody lay off the comments because he called it a bike. I frequently call my uni a bike. It’s a lot easier to call it a bike in casual conversation with someone you don’t know than to say you were riding off-road on a unicycle. If you call it a bike then the conversation can end fairly quickly. If you call it a unicycle then they may get curious or think your an idiot and it gets harder to make a quick exit from the conversation. Other times I just call it a cycle. What’s the big deal.

Re: Wanting to get into trials, which bike to get?

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 19:50:58 -0600, Checkernuts
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>Give him a fucking break guys. Call it whatever you want he’s still
>talking about the same thing. Uni or Bike you know he’s talking about
>something with one wheel. So how about staying away from the easy
>critisism and just give him some advice.

Relax, Chex. Maybe I didn’t put it clearly enough but I meant no
criticism, rather I said he was allowed to use the word bike. It was
just a gentle reminder that some people take offense. BTW, initially I
did NOT understand what he was talking about, i.e. when I read the
subject line I thought it was about a trials bike.

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