Wanting info on the August 2006 KH20s

I’m looking at buying one of these the minute they arrive in the country, I’ve heard rumours that there may or may not be a new KH seat in the making that sports some sort of groove along the middle (like a lot of bike seats have). Has anyone heard about any other changes?


From what I heard from kris at moab he is coming out with street/trials seats and muni seats (separately). The street and trials ones are thinner and the muni ones are wider and I think they are the ones with the groove. The muni ones say Kris Holm on the top of the seat now instead of the back.

will the seats be like the k1 ones?

Is it about time for a new colour? If KH is looking at using different seat models for trials/street and muni then I think he should also consider different pedals for the different disciplines. Odyssey JimCs on the street/trials and SNAFUs on the munis. The standard seatpost could obviously do with some extra strength in the join and allenkey bolts for the seat would be good too.

will there be a new frame with this uni??

Nope…Same Ol’ Blue. All the new KH Trials unis on UDC ship with just 127mm cranks now…that kinda blows. I like 140s.

I prefer the snafus for trials instead of jimmy c’s. the jimmy c;s are better for street though.

The 06’s will have the 140mm cranks and the new knurled low profile crown. UDC has run out of factory built 05’s. but will assemble one for you using 127mm cranks as they have run out of 140’s.

I as well am waiting for the new 2006 models to arrive. Hopefully there won’t be a major price increase along with the proposed new changes.

erm, which changes have been proposed? The seat?

Info on KH '06

I’ll finally be able to afford the Freeride around the end of August, right before school starts. Does anyone know if they’ll come out before August 30?