WANTING A NEW FRAME, whos selling?

hey everyone,

im looking for a 24" frame ( with no brake mounts ), that has a seat post tube that will fit a KH style seat post.

if anyones selling please tell me! im bending to many regular seat posts and i need to solve the problem quickly…( with out going to a rail adapter.

frame has to be wide enough to fit a hookworm, 2.5".



Sorry im not helping with your original question. BUT do you want to change to KH seat posts for the strength? I can bend KH seat posts like butta

:smiley: ok i exagerate. But i bent two old gen KH seat posts.

I just broke my 22.2mm GB4 universal post last friday too :frowning: .

If i cant get the gb4 welded up, it looks like my only other option is rail adapter. I certainly wouldnt go to a KH again Unless…

Does anyone think the new gen KH seat posts are stronger than the old ones?

i doubt you bent the post its self, your probably broke the welds at the top. i dont know about the new gen’ kh posts.


i have a Yuni frame, 26" that fits a 3" tire. unfortunately, its a 22.2mm seatpost size. its gloss black, and used, but ill clean it up good. ill sell it for $25 + shipping. respond to this or pm me and negotiations can begin. ill also throw in a DH 24" tube if you want.

mmm. You are right. Still though, is that something youre not worried about? It doesnt matter to me whether i bend/break the tube itself or bend/break the weld, I’m out of a seat post either way.