wanting a Coker.......

OK, the last couple days I have become infatuated with the idea of getting a Coker…I can’t get it out of my head and I have a feeling I’ll take the plunge sometime this summer (right now I am paying off a mountain bike).

The thing is I am thinking about going with a non-Coker Coker (if that makes sense) and I want to get ya’lls opinions…

I have been thinking about the getting a Hunter 36" made…I have also seen the KrisHolm Coker frame on unidotcom. Anybody else that makes a custom??
I really like the looks of Irene’s(Unirene) Coker that is posted here: http://tinyurl.com/2274d --who made it?

Comment, opinions, suggestions??

Thanks guys!


The Hunter costs way less than the KH36 and you can get it made for any width hub you want. The KH is made to fit a Suzue hub, not really the best choice for a bigwheel.

If you haven’t tried anything by April and if a Sarasota ride happens, I’ll bring my Hunter36.

  • Frank

You’ll bring your Hunter36 if I’m showing up. I’ll also have your Schwinn ready for you as well.

Irene’s Coker frame is made by Paul Wyganowski. The same guy who makes the fancy freestyle frames available here at unicycle.com.

If you’re looking for something beyond the basic Coker you should get something with the Airfoil rim. The Airfoil rim makes a big difference in the strength and stiffness of the wheel.

Go for as wide of a hub as you can. At a minimum something like the Schwinn hub or the CrMo Unicycle.com hub. The Suzue hub is too narrow. Even better would be one of the custom wide hubs. The wide hubs make for a much stiffer wheel. One problem with the narrow hubs is that the wheel will flex as you climb and will rub the brake pads as you climb. If you plan on adding a brake then get the custom wide hub. If you don’t plan on adding a brake then a wide standard hub (like the Schwinn or CrMo unicycle.com hub) would work, but the custom wide hub would still be better.

For a frame you’ll need something that fits whatever hub you choose. For the custom wide hub there is the Hunter and GB4 frames. Paul Wyganowski’s 36" frames have been for the Suzue hub, I don’t know if he has made any frames for wider hubs. If you really wanted it, Whganowski could probably make a frame to fit a wider hub. The KH 36" frame is also designed for the Suzue hub which makes it too narrow.

Best option is either the Hunter frame or the GB4 frame. The GB4 frame is available only in the custom wide hub size. The Hunter frame is available in whatever hub size you want. I don’t know what the availability is on the GB4 frames. George is going to school so they get made when he has time.

My Coker is a GB4 frame with a wide hub made by The Unicycle Factory, and Airfoil rim, and custom cut spokes from The Unicycle Factory. It’s a sweet ride. Stiff. Strong. Smooth. I just put a Magura brake on it today and it works great with the brake. It’s an awesome Coker. But it’s a little on the heavy side. I could switch to an alloy seatpost and alloy cranks to save some weight.

For the ultimate you can have U-Turn build up your custom Coker. He has the contacts to get the wide hub, custom cut stainless steel spokes, other goodies, and can put it all together. Tracking down all the special parts needed to build up a custom Coker can be a pain. The easy way out is to let U-Turn do it. If you want to build the uni up yourself then have U-Turn order the parts for the wheel.

A Coker with a custom wide hub and the Airfoil rim is off-roadable. I’ve done some XC trails on my GB4 Coker. No fear of the wheel turning into rubber like what happened to Sofa in this thread.

I’m sure U-Turn will jump in on this thread soon enough.

pounce :roll_eyes:

Nice lead-in, John. Thanks!

Sure enough, Zod. I work closely with Rick Hunter and George Barnes and can set up a custom wheel and frame and seat and handle and brake… etc. The nice thing about all this is that enough kind, patient, indulgent customers have come through now that I can reliably tailor the Coker for you before building, including custom measurements on the frames and seatposts. This avoids lots of hassle trying to find parts that fit and discarding those that don’t.

One thing, though – the custom stuff takes time (sometimes lots), so if you have a specific event in mind, you have to start way in advance and let me know about the event.

Here’s a pic of a GB4 Coker designed for freestyle that I recently finished. The frame is actually a really nice deep red; I just haven’t figured out color balancing yet.

After that is a post with a pic of my test Coker (SCWITW) with its new Hunter frame, Magura brake, and custom handle.

… here’s the SCWITW with the H36 frame.

For some pictures of a wide hub check out Steve Howard’s wide hub gallery. Steve’s gallery also includes a drawing with the dimensions of a wide hub and a picture of a wide hub next to a Suzue hub.

U-Turn has a picture of The Unicycle Factory wide hub in his Strongest Coker Wheel In The World (SCWITW) gallery.

Like the car commercial says: Wider is better. :slight_smile:
The wide hub really makes for a stronger wheel.

Cool. :sunglasses: Very cool, U-turn! It’s just a matter of (not much more) time.

Wow!! Thanks for all the awesome information…especially John and Dave. Oh and Dave, you’ll be hearing from me soon. I don’t plan on doing anything for the next few months but I would like to talk with you so I can get some pre-planning done and get an idea of how many dead presidents I’m gonna have to lay on the table to make this a reality!! :wink:

Excellent, Zod and Elmer.

John is correct, I am a full time student, so I don’t have as much time to tinker with frames as I would like. However, I do have 2 wide hub Coker frames in stock. One is already powdercoated metallic black, and the other can be powdercoated any color.

Check out this page for more info about the black frame. Click here to see an indentical frame in blue.

Let me throw in my .02 also, as a custom coker owner. After starting out with a stock Coker, I now have a Hunter 36, with the wide (4.25" bearing center-to-bearing center) hub custom made by Tom Miller (who labored long & hard to make it). The wide hub far surpasses the stock hub, and/or a Suzue or Schwinn, for purposes of building a durable big wheel. As with lots of our special gear, we need to have these hubs widely available, but alas they are still hard to find.

I had the experience to build and true my own wheel, but if you don’t, I’d also recommend Dave Stockton for a “super wheel”, having emailed with him at length. The difference between the stock Coker wheel and a wide-hub wheel is night & day. My .02 is to save up for it…it’s true when they say your money should go into the wheel (but a custom frame from GB or RH really makes the machine! :D)

frame upgrade costs?

I have a custom coker but am not happy with the frame. (Rule number one, go with good frame builders who know their stuff and if possible have built unicycles before).

Any ideas on what sort of price a Hunter 36 frame is? I’d like to upgrade at some point and will need to start saving.

I read earlier post that said the Hunter 36 was about $350…that price might not be correct anymore though

mine was built last month & that’s still the price, unless you want more options (brake mounts, custom tubing or color, etc).

Dave is building me a Coker with a Hunter frame. I think it looks really cool!

I had Rick add a short bridge tubes to connect the stays near the brake bridge to make the brakes stay parallel with the rim (bridges prevents stays from rotating under load). Seat tube is extra short because I’ve got short legs.


Thats funny I was thinking of getting a coker too not right away but some time I will. The only thing thats stopping me is the money but I’ll save up for it and some day I’ll be a Cokering around. I still have Brian’s (Sofa) rim fexxing movie on my computer its awesome.

Re: wanting a Coker…

totally go with Irene’s! You can’t go wrong any way, though.

I have a stock Coker with stock cranks and a stock wheel. It’s all about the rider, baby. I ride that thing next to John Childs’ on his Rolls Royce, you know, the one with the barcalounger mounted to the silver plated seatpost that looks like Liberace’s candelabrum? I ride next to him and he looks like a sissy. And I’m the one hopping the curbs. Don’t talk tech, talk technique.

and this we get from the man who’s about to bring us the Harper Hub?!?