I am looking for a 24 inch unicycle to start learning how to ride. My inspiration is my young friend whom I met through Big Brothers and Big sisters. I want to show her that it is possible to do something difficult if you work hard at it. Also, fall get up, fall, get up etc. lol. I am from the cape cod Massachusetts area. Free would be great but willing to pay for a nice used one. Thank you!

I suggest looking for a used unicycle on eBay or Craig’s List. If you find something that looks promising, you could paste the url into this thread, and we could let you know if the unicycle looks okay. Good luck!

I’ll add that they pop up in thrift stores too.

I would caution you that learning to ride a wheel takes a ton of perseverance.

I worked with a young man in BBBS, but I already knew how to ride.

My little wanted to learn because he thought it was cool. He learned how to wobble 15 - 20 feet, than gave up. I had hoped it would really connect us. But it didn’t.

In your case, you will be learning to ride a uni WITH your little. What’s the narrative going to look like if you don’t actually learn?

My advice when working with your little… keep it simple. What will matter most to him/her are the small things you say and DO, that at the time, you didn’t think were that important.


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I live off Cape a couple towns west of Plymouth. Have you looked at Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist? Facebook Marketplace has a couple 20" unicycles listed for $40 - $50 and there’s a Summit 20" unicycle located in Brewster for $45. Craigslist has a 24" unicycle in Andover for $50. I can’t tell what brand that one is from the photo and the description is not very informative, but maybe you contact the seller for more information and/or to make an offer.

Last summer I saw a unicycle at the Cranberry Flea market in Wareham. It was an older, entry level type unicycle which was for sale for about $30. That may be a good learner unicycle but that was last summer so it may no longer be there.

Good luck in you endeavor to learn how to ride.