WANTED: widows media player videos

If you have any sweet widows media player vidoes please post them here because these crappy school computers dont have quicktime (i’d particularly like the royal riders viedos in widows media)

Go to radgametools.com and download The RAD Video Tools. The RAD Video Tools is a free tool that will (among other things) convert QuickTime videos to AVI format. I don’t know if it will convert directly to WMV, but once it’s an AVI you can use the freely available Windows Media Encoder to convert the AVI to WMV. You may or may not also need the Windows Media VCM.

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think you need QuickTime installed on your computer to be able to convert the QuickTime videos using The RAD Video Tools.

Unfortunately, if you cannot install QuickTime on the school computers you’re not likely to be able to install The RAD Video Tools either.

BTW, to be nice to the people using Macs and Linux, it is preferable that people post videos as MPEGs or as AVIs using a cross-platform codec like DivX. Windows Media video version 9 is Windows only and the Mac and Linux people cannot play them.

I would post mine, but it’s too big to fit in the gallery.
I E-Mailed the webmaster a while ago, but he hasn’t replied. How long should I expect to wait?
Also, the video I have is just over 50 MB. How much space is in a single gallery?

All my videos play in media player

let me know what you think
(i will be putting more up during the week)


My Video: