{wanted} wider trials rim undrilled

so i have the 07 kh rim right now, and its barely wide enough, i would actually like something wider, say the Koxx rim, but its 70$~!!!
anyone have a used one, or something similiar.

just so you know, the kh i have is 47mm
(koxx is 47mm as well)
all other rims that i know of are 42mm

perhaps an old arrow rim? how wide were those?

or does KH have something up his sleeve
and i have bent the kh rim at least 5 times, but my nipples suck, can’t be replaced … and my rim is effectively single wall as most of the support given by the inner wall is gone.

in other words… i don’t want a drilled rim, i have no use for one.

I thought the kh 07 and the k1 were both 47mm :thinking:

they are(i edited my message twice, perhaps you saw my message before)

You’d want a koxx undrilled. Good like finding one on here.

yeah, i’m just curious if anyone knows about the old arrow rims i’ve caught glimpses of on the old (original) BEAST unis

I think that they were sub 40mm, but really really strong.

What about a newer version qu-ax wheelset with 48 spokes? You’ll have a hard time breaking that. (Qu-ax might sponsor you if you tried).

Yeah the Arrow is a beast of a rim, but really really skinny and even worse than a DX32 for getting tires on or off. I’m pretty sure it was either 36 or 38mm

oh ok

and lol to quax sponsoring me for trying to break it, i know i could… probably not on the same 4 stair(it was normal height, but length… no).
and i have a KH hub… ehhh… to that idea, otherwise i’d go for it.

I think with another 11 stair…anything is gonna pretty much implode…

the last thing i realllly tested it on was a 12 stair, it bent like 1/2", but i more rolled over that one… the 4 stair was more like the tire folds over, the rim slams into concrete, slides over concrete for a portion of a second, tire somehow flops over (very forcefully) and seats itself back on rim, i ride off, rim more ruined than ever before.

making it short
i don’t like 13ga spokes and MASSIVE holes on KH rims.

basically, the only things i’m happy with on them is the frame, seatfoam, cranks, and hub. that leaves spokes, nipples, seatposts, seatbases/all bolts and handles, rims, tire isn’t KH’s…, seatclamp, and seat covers (removable is nice, but it could be better)

i actually changed my rim recently, and i’ve got a koxx undrilled rim in stock, but i’m in france so the shipping cost would be so expensive…

– bobousse

I can give you a good price on a DX32 if you like; pm me if you’re interested.

I might be able to help you out. How much would you be willing to pay for one?