Wanted Viscount Seat

I know there are alot of people out there who hate these things but for trials I like mine, unfortuantlly it has seen better days and I’m going to have to get a new one.

Does anyone have an extra Viscount that they are not using and want to sell ? (Preferably Blue)


E-mail me at:

Re: Wanted Viscount Seat

We at Unicycle.com in the UK still have stock of Viscount saddles in all colours and can ship to the US if you don’t find one.


I just bought a Summit unicycle that comes with a Viscount. I will be using my Miyata or buying a KH saddle.

Where do you live?

Tim also has a blue viscount and a whatever color the ebay summits come with viscount. Talk to him.

Your seat was kindof beat chex. But my hand has blisters now. I hate Miyata seats.

Edit: I hate them because the plate is real sharp when you remove the padding to convert to airseat. I asked Ryan what he did and he says hes got a piece of PVc pipe under his. I think I’m gonna try to put a couple of slice of cut up gel seat under there.

Not PVC pipe. Vinyl tubing like what is used for plumbing refrigerator ice makers. See my airseat gallery for pics. Layers and layers of hockey tape would also work to round off the edges and make it more comfortable to grab the seat.

Yeah I was thinking about layers of duct tape with some gel seat under it.

Thanks though I’ll check the gallery.

Hockey tape will be better than duct tape i think. It’s designed to be gripped. It’s a tough cloth tape.

Well I was planning to put it under the roach cover so it shouldn’t make a difference.