wanted: Used Unicycle

I am looking for a used unicycle I know how to ride but not very good. If you have one that you would sell me thats not to expensive please contact me.

thank you

what kind of unicycle do you want? what sort of riding are you looking to get into?

ah just something to learn to ride a little bit better

the most usefull bit of info is where u live :stuck_out_tongue: u know postage and all

it might help if we know where you live, if you are in Prince Albert or Saskatoon SK i might have a cheep trials uni for you…

i live oconomowoc, wisconsin
thats in the united states

how much are you offering?

no I am looking to buy a used unicycle offer me how much you will sell for

au contraire, tell me how much you are willing to pay :wink:

top maybe like $50

I have a $50.00 lollipop uni for you to buy. It has been a great starter for me and I would only charge about $20.00 for shipping. I can take picks tomorrow if you are serious.

I would like to see the pics first I am suriouly looking for a little bit cheaper one then 70$ but I might change my mind when I see the pics

I will send you picks tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

no problem thank you