Wanted: Used Trials in Okay condition for good price

The title says it!


What, does Bear want to do Trials now too??

Well i hate to be a downer but if you want a splined Trials you probly wont get one for less than $200 and not many people sell Non splined Trials unis…

But i hope the best for you. Good Luck in your search.

What, does Bear want to do Trials now too??


Nope, I do!


you could get a brand new nimbus trials if you dont plan on doing anything hardcore, for 180$

or if you plan on doing some rough riding id get the toker dx.

but if your looking for used, good luck!:slight_smile:

I don’t know about purchasing unis, let alone used unis(I haven’t even passed the “new levels” level one, where it says “purchase unicycle unassisted,” though I know that was a joke, and it was funny, I still didn’t do it…) but maybe, just MAYBE e-bay has something.Not that I would know…

Yes, maybe…

Definitely look on ebay frequently, you can really get a steal sometimes. I paid $185 for a “used” KH 04 (as new, tire still fuzzy, not a scratch), with snafu sealed pedals ($60) and a spare miyata seat ($40). I’ll keep an eye open and let you know if I see any good deals.

is true. some fool who bought a 2005 DX just to juggle on sold it on ebay for $30! he obviously didnt know anything about unicycles, and one person had to tell him it has a splined hub! some loser beat me to it, but still only cost $75 when it sold. it was in mint condition, as he had only juggled on it. jeez…then i had to buy a new one for full price.

Yeah, if you look carefully, and no one has bid on them, sometimes they’re real cheap! The trick is to bid at the end. I mean, I’ve never bought anything on e-bay, but I have checked out really cheap stuff there!

The only, and I mean ONLY thing I buy on ebay, are ‘buy it nows’ It just makes things easier.

yes it does