[wanted] used profile set, 160mm

I’m looking for a used profile hub/cranks, preferably 160mm. Price is negotiable and dependant on wear.

Why Profile?
Those new KH’s are so great.


i’d wager his bearing holders aren’t set up for KH.

//edit: i know for sure they’re running a suzue now and KH won’t fit.

ding ding ding!

I have a GB4 frame setup for either profiles or a suzue hub (both OD 40mm) The bearing holders are for 40mm only. KH are 42mm.

OK then, could try to get those WAY expensive Profiles off the market :stuck_out_tongue:


seager you could also hunt around for the bearings to convert it so you could run KH stuff.

Here is a link to somefor sale, but they are 170mm. FS: Profile 170mm crank arms