[Wanted] used profile set 160mm

For muni, 160’s prefered. It’s the only spined 40mm 36 spoke hole hub that I know of, and that’s what I need.

I figured I’d toss out this shot in the dark.

how much are you offering ?

i know where a set of 160’s are in my town,whats your offer? they are almost new, riddin like 4 times with no big drops.

The offer is dependant on quality/wear. I think I’d start that hagle at about $150 assuming I’d recieve a counter hagle and we’d work from there. If the price gets too near $300 I’d just buy 'em new.

If someone were selling a loan hub I’d be interested in that as well if the price was right. It doesn’t have to be a set.

lone fool. not loan.

I have a profile hub laced into a 24" yellow DX32 rim that I would be willing to sell as set/take apart and sell.

Its in VERY good shape, not alot of drops and I have taken really good care of it.

170mm cranks Black
Hub is also Black from profile

$250 hun alone shipped/ $350 for whole wheel shipped
I also have a Gazz tire with little wear that I would be willing to sell too

Deal would have to wait about a month however as I am out of the country.


I like it…

Anyone want to trade me a set of 160’s for a set of 170’s?

may I ask what part?

Sorry I meant to pm you about that… so… I’ll do that now.