[Wanted] used KH 20" Trials Frame and Seat Post to go with it

I am looking for a 20" Kris Holm 2005 Trials Frame, Kris Holm 2005 seat post, and the clamp to go with it…and price…just looking to see for any deals.


how much would you be willing to pay?

I dont think you will find many 2005 kh frames for sale here because everyone loves them. Sorry.

it depends on the condition of the kh frame…but at maximum I wud pay is 130$…well around there

You can get a new kh frame for around 150 from Bedford.

from bedford, its 175$ and plus shipping rounds off to about 205$…and I wud rather get one used for a lot less…so if anyone has one…I am interested

oh, are you talking CAnadian pricing? I’d sell mine for like $130 USD. maybe

well…wat is the lowest u will go…I dont want to spend too much…I might pay 140 canadian…which is about 130 usd…if u pay shipping…think about it…and do u have the seat post and clamp to go with it…if u dont have the seat post then that is fine

I have the seatpost and clamp to go with it. hmm. the onlyu reason I would sell it would be to get the knew frame with knurling. I don’t really need a new frame though. I probably won’t sell it.

plz…I have been waiting sooo long to get one for cheaper…plz…just make an offer…think about it

I’d hav eto ask my parents ect, and get a new seatpost (/drool at picture of thomson post/) , but I’d say somewhere in the $120 - $140 range with the seatpost. the seatpost is a aluminum KH. It has a some cut down. how tall are you?

i am 5’9-5’10 but it will do…seriously…I have been waitin so long for one to come up…plz …do anything u have to…try ur best…thanks alot

um, my seatpost won’t fit you. at all. I’m about 4’ 9".


I might sell you the frame though still.

would you do $125 USD?

It’s pretty dinged up if you don’t care about looks, but it works fine.

hey I will take the seat post as well as the frame…if u dont mind…for 130 usd…and do u have any pics?


I can take pics. I’ll have to think about it though.

Why do you want to sell your frame? You’d just have to turn around and buy a new one wouldn’t you?

yea, the only reason I’d sell it would be to buy the new one which I don’t really need which is why I probably won’t sell it.

can u take the pics…and if u want I can send u my bedford frame and seat post if u want…and I really want it soo…can u think about it?

seriously, why don’t you spend like $30 more and get a new 07 KH frame and a shim for your seatpost?

i am selling exactly what you are looking for: