WANTED:used 20 in BC wheel

im willing to pay pay around 50 plus shipping

ur not going to get much for that price

thats the budjet right now if anyones willing to wait a month i can probly get 70 or 80

For that much you will probably have to just buy a wheel and make some of your own plates. Ntappin makes some plates that are pretty cheap, like $20? Then you need a wheel, 14mm axle if you want to keep it for more than a week.

haha, funny you should say that,

I took up BC’ing a few months ago, because i had snapped the axel on my unicycle, but i didn’t have a 14 mm axel on my BC wheel… It lasted exactly a week :frowning:

Sorry for the irrelivant comment.


heyyy, that was a pretty good guess then :wink:

I have a set of plates for sale for 20$ Canadian that I am willing to ship anywhere in the world at your expense.

If you bought those then you could probably get a wheel for about 20-30 off of a kids bike that would break but it would give you something to learn on then just put the plates on a better wheel when you have the money.

Yeah, I bent a 3/4" axel in a matter of minutes the other day. It is the second 3/4" axel I have bent. I now have a 14mm.

you mean a 3/8ths?
14mm is smaller than 1/2". 3/4 inch axle would be HUGE.

Yeah- sorry 3/8ths