I am looking for a few used unicycles for an art project I am planning for April, 2007. My goal is to rehab a varied collection of unicycles to a ridable state, paint them all a beautiful color, and open a shop for a weekend where visitors can try them out.

I don’t have much of a budget for this project, but thought there might be those who- like me- have an old rusty uni gathering dust in a garage somewhere that they’d be cool to get rid of.

I’m willing to pay shipping (or pick up if local) and can trade a print of the event. And if you’re in Los Angeles, I’ll bake you cupcakes- vegan or traditional!

Can send more info if you’d like- let me know.



This sounds like a great idea!
I wish a head an old rusty uni to give you.

Ummmm, cupcakes.

I have a torker lx with stripped cranks, no seat and no pedals. It has the frame and wheel left and the hub and spokes and tire. I’m in philly and I’ll give it to you for 20 bucks.