wanted unicycles in north east US

A bit of a long list of the unicycles I am hoping to add to my collection and wondering if anyone might have one of them that they are looking to get off their hands so that they can get newer ones themselves. I’m looking for any that would be in northeast us (Virginia and up) for pickup at sellers location or anyone who would be willing to ship it (I would pay for shipping).

nimbus night fox 36"er
nimbus hatchet (any size wheel/rim)
a three wheeler giraffe any brand (preferably over 5 feet total)
a two wheel giraffe (they look like a lot of fun to earn how o ride)
a regular giraffe over 6 feet tall (doesn’t have to be a convertible one)
and a high quality 16" to 20" uni

If you have like a frame or rim or other part for one of these that you’d be willing to sell for a price less than that of unicycle.com that would be awesome.
-Danny Wells
(I don’t pickup on calls without caller id) text (703) 744-0916 or comment on this thread if you’ve got any of these unis

I have the nightfox

I suppose that I ought to mention seeing as I am only 15 I don’t have it in my budget at the current time to be able to afford any offers that exceed $100 per foot of the unicycle’s wheel height.