[WANTED]Unicycle sticker

Anyone have a unicycle sticker they want to sell? I don’t want a unicycle.com sticker, just a sticker that I could put on my uni. It can say anything that involes unis.


Print a design, then use our very good friend, Packing Tape and tape it on.

I want some graphics on it. Not just words. And I can’t do this with my crappy mac.

Mr. Im too good for small hils

I have some flame stickers and iron cross stickers I made for sale. Here is a picture of my 20" with flame stickers on it. I have 2 different sizes, about 3" and about 6". The iron cross stickers are 1" square. All white.

ow much would 2 6" flame stickers cost?

I make stickers that go on any smooth surfaces (ex) window or fork of uni. Flames like that would sell for about 8 bucks total plus 1 dollar for shipping. The only problem is that my business just started and we have not done anything over the net. Look in your phonebook for signs in the yellow pages. On uni they are known to fall and scratch off. On a car window they last six years. Compare this with your area and dont buy anything over 15 bucks.