[WANTED]UK -- Coker parts Tyre + frame + saddle


i’m really tempted by that coker wheelset thats being sold, having little money, i’d like to know if anyone has any of the following parts for a coker since loads of people have upgraded to the nimbus 36" .

i’m looking for :

  • a frame (UDC sells the 36" coker frame @ £23 so i was thinking around £10 + shipping)
  • a Coker tyre. These are really expensive, so if anyones got one wiht abit of thread left… Well it cost nothing to ask, as they say :smiley:
  • a saddle (something like a KH fusion/fusion freeride or nimbus gel) but this is most likely the component i would get new

also how good is the velo Freestyle saddle on sale on UDC ? its dirt cheap and looks like it uses the same type of foam as the standart KH saddle… just without the nice handle…

For what it’s worth, I’ve got a spare saddle you can use if you manage to get hold of the rest of the kit. It’s pretty nasty (steel base with old KH foam and cover off my dead muni saddle) but it’ll do if you’re stuck.

To be honest though, I reckon you’ll be lucky to get a tyre cheap - people tend to keep them until they’re down to the cloth.


well thanks rob, i agree with the tyre i dont think so either, but u never know :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like i’m not gonna get a 36" and i’ll have to get a 29"

never mind :smiley: btw do u plan on doing another dartmoor muni weekend? i loved the muni i did last time btu damn was so tiring u guys go real fast!

uhm ok well forget it i’ve decided against getting a coker.

Cheers for all that helped


Yes if people want it. Bit off-topic for here - I’ll send you a PM.