Wanted: Trials Wheel

Yep, I want a trials wheel, i dont need pedals on it, or a tire. I need splined, Koxx, Profile, Qu-ax, DX, kh 04.

No KH 05 Hub/Cranks.

Why don’t you just buy a koxx 19" trials wheelset?
they cost $260 + like $35 shipping.

I can get phil summit with frame and pedals for that.

I was hoping for something a little cheaper than $260.

sorry, I don’t have one, maybe someone else will.

Well, yeah, thats why i posted the thread.

buy my whole uni for 900 $ :smiley: :wink:

I wouldnt buy yours for $400.

yeah, cauz ur an idiot

Here ya go. Brand new DX wheelset for $245. The guy will even throw in a tire, pedals, seatpost, frame, and seat for free.