[Wanted] trials wheel set

i need a trials wheel set. pls pm me with list of components being sold to me aswell as your cost including shippin to l8s 1a9 area code to hamilton ontario canada. im lookin for around 300$ incl shipping so if you have anything plz pm me

I want to sell my 03 KH wheelset. It has 140mm 8 spline cranks and an alex dx32 rim. The cranks are bent inwards a little bit but its not noticiable. The nub on the left crank got smushed in from crankgrabbing and grinding so the bolt doesnt come out. I want around $75 for it or what ever someone will offer. It doesnt come with a tire or tube.

Oh and hte rim is as flat spoted as a octogon

No its not, Evan is stupid…he has never even seen my rim without a tire. I will take pictures later to show you…

Spence is a rip, he runs his tires so low, iv seen hip do a 4ft drop on like 10psi.

im sure the rim is extremely flat spoted, once the tire psi is raised i bet you can feel the wheel woble.

Evan is just guessing, anyway, if i took the tire off and it was i would let you know. My tire has been low but i dont weigh alot so it doesnt bottom out.

ok well send some GOOD pics of YOUR wheel set and ill think about it

Hey, I took some pics of my wheel today they are in my gallery here is a link http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=160412 It doesnt look flat spotted at all to me.

acctually it looks pretty good to me too. now lets talk price canadian… i told you id send 100 cnd and you ship. does that sound alright?