[Wanted] trials unicycle

i am in need of a trials unicycle. i have 200$ canadian to spend. i would prefer that it be splined but a bedford light duty or norco or nimbus non splined would also suit my purpose. any offers reply here or pm me

since Im feelinh rlly nice right now… I can send u an alex rim a trials frame a mont trials tire for 10$ all u need now is a qu-ax hub withc is not rlly expensive…

Wow, you are feeling nice.

See, you should have bought my wheel when you had the chance;)

yeah i really should have… but oh well my mistake is your gain from someone else and also my gain cuz since i waited i got the offer from max!

i have an onza i would sell its kinda busted though

what do you mean by busted? do you have pics of the afflicyed area.

THIS TRIALS UNICYCLE is for sale for 200USD.