wanted trials uni

hi i posted another one of these abit ago but not many replies so just reavertising i now have a budget of 140 in p&por maybe abit more not to much over though.thanks craig

oops double post could sum1 delete this please

you will not be able to get anything for 140 except for shit that will break. If I were you, I would save up my cash until around 250 and get a DX Torker.

Torkers sound like bags of s**t anyway!


Only trying to help here.
What about QU-AX. A stronger, lighter, cooler version of the Torker.

Yeah, Qu-ax is good. How about the Onza, or is that getting too expensive?

getin to expencive hear guys

your best bet is this i still think


lol actually i think it is splined, as it has the ISIS 10 spline design…
Its just not one of the reinforced hubs but i still recon i’d be touger than a square tapered. Plus if you break the cranks (that look kinda weakish) you can buy KH moment or onza tensile or sommit.

anyways for under £140 i think its a very good buy