wanted trials uni

hi i posted another one of these abit ago but not many replies so just reavertising i now have a budget of 140 in p&por maybe abit more not to much over though.thanks craig.i only want uk only as other places is ti much hassel.im near liverpool southport

I was wanting the same, i bought a montys trial unicycle off ebay for £90 i broke the hub within minutes of having it and had 2 spend another £30 on a new 1 but as they were £160 new i was vry pleased, i had it for a while now and landed 6ft drops and stuff

don’t go out for 1 night £40 quid saved and afford mine :wink:

it make me wonder why u wanna sell urs so much i woulld like a kris holm i cud buy maself 1 if i saved up but the prob is that i have saved up for 11 months to get this much as all my money goes on collage it wud probs take me anuda 3/4 months to save up to afford urs zippy and i just cant wait that long tbh as mine is now broke at southport skatepark of the end of the box rain nearist the flatbank its about 4 ft ish i think mite be wrong.

i don’t do trials and i want to upgrade my coker.