wanted trials uni

hi i am looking for a trials uni i dont wanna spend a fortune as i have college stuff to pay for aswell or a new wheel with splinned cranks as my frame isent bad condish and will survive just dont think my wheel will.

i got one for sale atm, where you from?

southport ukhow much is the key thing

175 + P&P and seeing as i live on merseyside i can deliver it for free, we can go do some riding :smiley:

post about it is here.

This’ll last you a very long time, and is pretty light. About the same price as a DX, but is better.

na its from can i cba wid the p&p and stuff zippy thats abit much for my budget atm tbh as not got much money.i have found that i can get a kh hub and cranks spillined for 80 pound from unicycle.com but if anyone has any other offers would be grateful.

OK please, talk english.
I have a complete cheap wheel here for 120GPB

well you add it all up it’s a good price, for a kh05

i no its not a bad price but i cant afford it my money has to be used for petrol and food and liviing accomidation so thats why budget is tight.ok then danni how much is it with p&p

Where is southport? Got a few southports around buddy.


P&P would be 30GPB for a total of 150GPB.

have now decided hat io only want a wheel as my frame and seat are ok just i dnt recon my wheel will last much longer as its square axeld cranks and hub and is the standard 1 from the unicycle .


You need to make sure of some things before you buy a new wheel for your frame.

  • Make sure your frame is wide enough to hold the 19"x2.5" tires.
  • Make sure your frame legs are wide enough to hold the new splined hub.
  • Make sure that your bearing holders can fit the bearings form the axle.

Those are the main things to look for, cause you dont want to buy a wheel that ends up not fitting into your frame.

man ur wheelset is o erpriced…

look for a koxx-one isis wheelset and rim http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?currency=GBP&cPath=3&products_id=328&osCsid=072ad869e025a98e6eb98c717f007fc3

plus u get a better rim than the DX32… well possibly weaker but its a nice rim still.

my nicycle can hold 2.5 tires as thats what i on it now
.Make sure your frame legs are wide enough to hold the new splined hub.
.Make sure that your bearing holders can fit the bearings form the axle.

could someone hel;p me oton how t measre these and whatther wheel sets are goo i can get the kris holm hub and driled rim for £101 without spokes and tire and inner tube.

jusst save up a little more and you can afford mine. worth the wait, esp if you ain’t yet broke yours :stuck_out_tongue:

no mines not yet but you can tell it will go soon as im progressing at a good rate i now can drop 4ft on it so im guessing its gunna go soon.i was thinking about saving up abit more and buyin a brand new unicycle a KH trials but thats a hell of alot of saving and not much goin out.

well wot is the make and model of ur uni. If you dont know send us a pic and where u got it from.