[WANTED] Trials Saddle & 27.2mm Post

I just snapped my KH seat post and my stiffener plate in my KH fusion Saddle snapped a while ago. To buy a new KH seat and post would be $80 Canadian + shipping from Bedford. Most likely I would just snap them again. I’m not sure if I can afford to go the Carbon Fiber route.

So, does anyone have a solid saddle and seat-post (27.2mm) for sale for a reasonable price?

You’re sooooo close to having a carbon fiber seat and you don’t know it.

A KH carbon fiber base from Bedford is $120 CAN. That’s the cost of two KH saddles that you would eventually break anyways. Use the KH hardware (bolts, handle, bumper, foam, seat cover) from your broken KH Fusion. Put it on the KH carbon fiber base and you’ve got a CF saddle that won’t break. The only challenging part of making a CF saddle is getting the proper square file to make the square holes for the carriage bolts. If you don’t trust yourself to drill and file the holes you can have Bedford do it. I don’t know what he charges for the labor to do that.

A carbon fiber seat is cheaper in the long run. Now that you have a broken KH saddle to cannibalize parts from the additional cost for a CF saddle is less than you think.

I’ve decided to wait on replacing the seat-base, I’m going to wait until I rip the plastic one in half.

So, does anyone have a KH seat-post they want to sell? Or a rail-post adapter and 27.2mm post to go with it?

If not, I’ll be ordering one from Bedford in the next few days.

ifyour going to order from bedford get the thonpson post and a rail adapter for your seat. acctually i dont even kno if bedford has the thompson post but if he does get that.

I have a barely used aluminum 27.2 KH post that is 10 inches long. You can have it for $10 plus shipping. Send me a p.m. with your address and check to see what shipping will cost

Why does people say everybody needs a Thompson seat post? It is getting VERY annoying :angry: (well to me anyway). He can’t afford a carbon seat base so i think a seat post, which is more expensive, is out of the question.

I think getting a rails seat post and adaptor is better than a traditional seat post because the weak point is in a controlled place. Most of the time when you go to snap the seat post the pivot will just fail/slip, then you just readjust it. (this is what i have found and it works for me)


I just ordered a standard KH post from Darren, thanks everyone! I’ve decided I’ll wait a while before I do upgrades.

Kenny, check your PM’s.