wanted trials BIKE

i know this is not the right place and all that but i dont know where to submit a wanted trials bike forum anywhere else. i just enjoy all aspescts of biking and unicycling. and would like to try trials bikeing.

You would get a better response at observedtrials.net, go to the for sale/wanted section.


(i wants one too but i don’t want to spend teh moneys)

Spencer and Evan both have trials bikes for sale, good timing.

ill try that otehr site. thx, where can i find out about what spencer has.?

This is mine. The frame has a crack in it though…
Evan’s is on there too but he doesn’t have a rear wheel for it. His name on there it total uni.

these cracks in the frame, could they be repaired? i have a very talented welding teacher who repaired a crack in my T1 bmx frame.the bike looks like a good starting point, but i dont wanna break it. or get broke by it…

I don’t know anything about that, I have heard that if you weld it then it weakens the surrounding metal. I dont know though. I bought the frame like that because the guy I got it from didn’t tell me.

so when you found out you decided to sell it? and even if the frame broke everything else is worth putting on a new frame right? maybee new rim also but besides that.

No, thats not why I am selling it. At my level a cracked frame makes no difference.
I just don’t like riding it much. I like to uni a lot more so I haven’t even taken it out of my garage in a long time.

ohh i see. the frames is aluminum correct? ill have to consult my teacher about fixin it, and my mother about purchasing… though im not sure shes keen on buying damaged goods as she seems to refer to it as.

I belive the damage and weakening from a weld used to seal the crack would be worse than the crack itself.

my teacher told me that is partly true, depending on stresses and what not, and on the extent of the crack

Zee crack is about 3mm tall, and in a crucial area, also high stress.

i bought a s works freeride bike form the pawn shop. thankyou to the crackhead that stole it to pawn it to get high! appreciate it!

paint it a different colour so some guy doesnt beat your head in when he sees you on his stolen bike :stuck_out_tongue:

yea right im on a mountain bike good luck catching me. and if he can he desreves to get it back.

That’s a good thing to say.
If everybody was so good.