WANTED: torker LX plastic pedals

I want 2 torker LX plastic pedals. I REALLY NEED THESE!!!


How much are you looking to spend?

hopfully not too much. like around $5. it depends what kind of condition there in. maybe $10 if there new.

You should be able to buy a pair of plastic, platform pedals at a local bike shop for $10 new. Call around and find out.

wait … why does it HAVE to be “LX” pedals

they have a nice shape and dont hurt at all when they hit you.

just get these:


only 12 bucks

how big of a platform do they have? it doesnt look very big in the pic.

If you want nice large BMX style platforms, get the plastic Odyssey pedals, or check at your LBS for some, like harper mentioned.

On the other hand, if you’re doing stuff (e.g., trials, street, muni) where you’re often at a great risk of hitting your shins, I recommend getting metal pedals and shin guards instead.

i already have snafus and 661s. i need something more for freestyle though.

they are bigger than the lx pedals

Ive got both pedals and upon comparing them just now, the LX pedals are slightly larger. The major different between them is that the LX pedals simply cannot cut you up whereas the others still have enough bite to scrape up your legs a bit.

lx pedals are tiny

lol, on my friends LX, I was trying a mount where I run and while in the air, twist the uni 180 degrees and have it do a cranklfip than land on it. I didn’t even get scrached.